Start getting paid for your lending referrals

Get paid for leads that close with us.

You will now be able to benefit from commercial leads you get.


White Labeled Service we Provide to your Client

Your Branding

We will use all your branding when communicating with your client. Logos and Name

Document Collection

We provide an automated document request platform to gather the necessary information. We chase the client!


We run all the numbers to find out if the deal is a good one.

Shop the Loan

We shop thought our list of 100s of lending programs to find the best fit for the client and the deal.

Closing Assistance

We provide FAST approval to get to the closing table. We also provide help during the closing.

Full-Service Back office

We handle it all. We also give you updates. We will let you know quickly if it is not worth your time.

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Meet our Awesome Team

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Frequently Ask Question

Do I have to leave my current mortgage company?

No! We do not need your license to be moved to MoneyStream, nor does it impact your current license status. We are here to offer you more outlets for business, not to take away anything you are already doing.

Why would I send you my non-QM investor deals?

Options! Because this is all we do, we have many more options for non-QM loans than traditional brokers and lenders. Let us help you capture more business!

How do I get paid?

MoneyStream Financial Solutions will pay you directly via ACH direct deposit within 15 days of funding. We can pay your company or pay mortgage professionals directly. All compensation is reported on IRS Form 1099.

Are my referrals “protected” and do they stay mine?

When you refer a client to us, we “white label” all contact with the client. Our interactions are as your “Commercial Underwriting” department. We even have an unbranded website:

What kind of loans do you offer?

Well… pretty much everything! MoneyStream is appointed with approximately 100 lenders, commercial banks, scores of private lenders and a hedge fund. From SBA to prime commercial to fix and flips… we’ve got you covered. Need to know criteria for a loan? Click Here

What are the costs involved with your loans?

Commercial loans do not typically allow YSP, so compensation is usually limited to borrower paid. Otherwise, costs are fairly similar to residential loans. We provide fee sheets and estimates with our scenario quotes prior to submission.

What is needed to get a quote? How about submission?

We have a submission worksheet that outlines everything needed for quotes and submission of most commercial loan scenarios. Schedule an appointment and we can get things going Fast!

Need to know criteria before submitting?



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